Rachel Karr (b. 1982) is a painter living and working in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, daughter, twin sons, and cats. She graduated with a BFA from Austin Peay State University in 2006. She began experimenting with a unique process of glazing with pigments during her time there and has continued to explore the process for over a decade.

From the Artist

In 2016, my mother died by suicide 7 days before the birth of my twin boys. An irreplaceable life was gone leaving behind an immeasurably dense void. A universe of personal knowledge, history, and personality. Her grandchildren had lost an entire world they hadn’t even known and yet, the motions of life-- birth, waking, eating, sleeping-- continued around us unaffected. What is immense in one life is undetectable in another.

Exploring the scale and magnitude of loss, from the intimacy of a single death to the mass extinction of species throughout history, I paint the universe we contain and the space we all leave behind. Acrylic glazing mica-based and light-reactive pigments create glowing shimmery memorials where the forgotten are amplified and where the enormity of personal grief is neatly encapsulated. As the earth dies slowly and violently under our feet-- one bird, one tree, one close friend at a time-- I invite you to observe the loss, consider its impact, and imagine the vastness of its shadow.

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